04 Aug 2020

Seven movies in the final stage of the Local Competition

With an eleven years tradition in the Transilvania International Film Festival, the Local Competition promotes and awards aspiring young talents from Cluj, while giving them the opportunity to see their movies on the big screen. This year, seven films, qualified for the final round, will be screened at the Local Competition Gala, today, 8PM, at the Art Museum. Entry is free of charge based on an online reservation, but the seats are limited.

The finalists of the competition are:

  1. Liniște vă rog (Csendet kérünk, r. Incze Kata);
  2. Ceea ce nu am observat  (Amit nem vettünk észre, r.  Farkas Boglárka Angéla);
  3. Ritmul Ghimeșului (Gyimesek ritmusa, r. Csapó Huba Áron)
  4. Între lumi (Between Worlds, r. Maria Cinar-Jiga)
  5. Ecranul Albastru (Blue Screen, r. Doru Vatavului)
  6. Valley of the Wolf  (r. Gabriela Forfotӑ, Antonio Valerio Frascella, Lamia Sabic)
  7. Liniște timp de o jumătate de oră (Fél óra csend, r. Gábor Balázs)