23 Jul 2021

Chirilov’s recommendations

The Transilvania IFF 20th edition is a mix of indoor and outdoor screenings, reminding the viewers of the good, old days. The artistic director of the festival, Mihai Chirilov, gives us 20 recommendations in a completely random order: 
1.    The flood won’t come (the best cooking scene and it’s not even in the Film Food section)
2.    Life was that (Florin Piersic jr, absolutely amazing performance)
3.    Conference
4.    A tale of winter
5.    New Order (Warning, shocking!) 
6.    Aviva 
7.    The mystery of the pink flamingo (fun, fun fun!) 
8.    Riot Police
9.    Întregalde (Luca Sabin, an amazing revelation!) 
10.    Occasional Spies
11.    Unidentified
12.    The Executioner
13.    The Human Voice
14.    Another Round
15.    Lost Flowers (you need to bring some Kleenex!) 
16.    Deadlock
17.    Persian Lessons (the best movie ending ever, once again, Kleenex)
18.    The people upstairs 
19.    Baby (glad I am not a mother) 
20.    Malombra- both cine-concerts