04 Jun 2019

Chirilov’s recommendations

Our colleagues from AperiTIFF asked Mihai Chirilov, the artistic director of the festival, what movies are not to be missed this edition.

We picked 8 titles and we are sure that at least one of them is already in your watchlist.

“France is present in more than 5 categories, this year at TIFF, including Shadows section, thematic section and the International Competition:

  1. Keep an Eye Out the bizzare police movie directed by Quentin Dupieux, where a tire is the killer.
  2. The new Assayas’ Non-Fiction, a truly must see.
  3. Golden Youth - a movie about youngsters and teenagers – a good occasion to meet Eva Ionescu, French-Romanian director.
  4. Synonyms, the big winner of the Golden Bear award this year, directed by Nadav Lapid, though a Israelian, he succeded to present a very french movie.

From the  ‘’extreme cinephile experiencers” series we have:

  1. The Swedish X&Y
  2. The Danish Queen of Hearts
  3. The Israelian Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life, which will have 2 sets of Q&A: first session, with the main character’s mother and the second with the character himself (adults movie actor)
  4. MO, the Romanian title having its world premiere at Tiff. 18, with Razvan Vasilescu and Dana Rogoz in a cat vs mouse dangerous play, not suitable for minors.