30 Jun 2022

Special screenings at TIFF Sibiu

Moviegoers have the chance to watch on the big screen the innovative Everything Everywhere All at Once, a comedy about multiverses that has become a super hit in the USA, which will have a single screening in Sibiu, on Saturday, from 21:45 in Piata Habermann.

Sibiu residents are also expected to enjoy two impressive cine-concerts: Häxan, the Swedish horror masterpiece directed by Benjamiin Christensen in 1922, will be accompanied live by artist Maatus Pealler on Friday, July 8, at 9:45 pm in Huet Square. 

The Lodger, the remarkable feature film signed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1927 and inspired by the story of Jack the Ripper, will be accompanied live by DJ DUBASE, on Sunday, July 10, at 9:45 pm, also in Huet Square.