24 Jul 2021

Special screenings and events in the second day of the festival

After a first day surrounded by the joy of seeing each other in cinemas and outdoor screenings, the festival continues, today, July 24 with special screenings and events for all ages.

At the Cetățuie Open Air location, a special events dedicated to children and parents will take place. Children will have the opportunity to play games, participate in workshops, build film scenery and many other activities. The day will end with the screening of the Riders Of Justice film, starring Mads Mikkelsen.

In Uniri Square Open-Air, 9:45 PM, the comedy Perfect Strangers will take place, with director Octavian Strunilă participating together with his production team.

At USAMV Open-Air, the documentary Occasional Spies will have its world premiere with director Oana Giurgiu and the production team of the film attending the screening. 

At Banffy Castle in Bonțida, the Icelandic group MÚM will perform live alongside the masterpiece of German silent cinema Menschen am Sonntag / People on Sunday (1930).