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01 Jun 2019

Following the steps of Michel Gondry at Tiff 2019

Probably the only chance to get to know the famous director, screenwriter and french producer face to face is to follow the 2019 Tiff proposal, which contains a spectacular trip through Michel Gondry filmography. Being a special guest at three of the main projections included in the whole dedicated retrospective, the cineaste will conclude its visit to Cluj with a masterclass, held on 1st of June, 12.30 pm, at TIFF Lounge.

You'll fall in love with The Art of Dreams, the movie in which the main character chooses to live in the fantastic world of his dreams, avoiding the harsh realities from day to day life. The director, whose presence was announced at Students’ House of Culture on 31 of May, 6.30 pm, will answer all the public questions. The soundtrack of the movies, which was awarded during 2007's Cannes Festival, is signed by Jean-Michel Bernard, one of the 18th edition of TIFF Festival. Known to be one of the director's favorite collaborators, the artist who will perform in Cluj-Napoca, also composed the music for Be Kind Rewind (2008), starring Jack Black and Mos Def as the main characters. The premiere of the movie at Sundance, got its place in history for the main musical moment offered by the director itself  - a truly fan of drums and percussion and the rapper Mos Def, which can be seen on Saturday, 1st of June starting 15.00 hour, at Victoria Cinema.

The story follows two employees of a video rental center, who erase the footage from all of the video tapes and decide to start filming everything again with a zero budget. Sounds familiar? Yes, exactly like they did, you'll get the chance to make your own movie, in the Home Movie Factory, brought in premiere at Cluj, by its creator - Michel Gondry. Book your creative session of fun right now on www.uzinadefilme.com

And because it cannot be missed from this retrospective, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  - the most loved movie of the director, will be seen, in his presence, on Saturday, 1st of June, 6:00 pm, at Florin Piersic Cinema. It's worth to be seen again, having its director presence – the Oscar award winner for this original screenplay.