15 Jun 2024

Metropolis - A Masterpiece of Early Cinema

Considered an unmissable classic and one of the most important achievements in film history, Metropolis profoundly marked the evolution of cinema and elevated the aesthetics of the sci-fi genre. Blending innovative visuals with a layered story on capitalist society, Metropolis continues to inspire and hold relevance to this day.

The Transilvania International Film Festival in Cluj-Napoca aims to bring the most important cinematic creations in history to the big screen, in the magical location of Bánffy Castle in Bonțida. The most important films in history can be watched during very special events and are occasionally accompanied by a live soundtrack. This year's edition, which runs from June 14 to June 24, 2024, brings the classic film Metropolis (1927) to the big screen in Bonțida on Saturday, June 15, at 9:30pm, accompanied by live music performed by the Italian music ensemble Edison Studio, in an unmissable film concert.

Restored and in its complete version, the masterpiece that bears the signature of Austrian director Fritz Lang, aims to convey as relevant a message as possible, even today. The film's narrative emphasizes the tension between social classes, as well as the risks of dehumanization that industrialization runs. In a futuristic city, depicted through extravagant and impressive settings, society is drastically divided between the rich and the exploited, who toil under oppressive conditions underground.

The love shared by two young people from two completely different backgrounds inspires a fight for equality, strewn with difficult challenges and sacrifices. Although today it might seem a relatively ordinary story, the rich symbolism adds narrative depth and offers multiple levels of interpretation. Spectacular visuals, concepts and special effects, never before seen in cinema, redefined the art’s possibilities and transformed Metropolis into a cultural landmark of the last century.

Almost a century ago, the greatest silent film masterpiece anticipated the direction society would head to, the specifics to any form of autocracy and the way technology would evolve, laying the foundations for the themes of science fiction films. A pioneer of the sci-fi genre, Metropolis has inspired some of the most acclaimed creations in cinematic and human history. As it is very well known for its avant-garde aspects, relevant artists, directors and critics have declared their fascination with Lang's masterpiece.

TIFF provides coaches to the venue for ticket holders. The price of a ticket is 40 lei for the round trip and can only be paid in cash to the driver. Departure starts at 8pm from Iulius Mall Cluj-Napoca, and return starts at 11:30pm, after the end of the screening.