21 Jun 2022

Tuesday at InspiraTIFF: Alexandru Solomon

An emblematic name for the world of documentary film in Romania, Alexandru Solomon comes to InspiraTIFF on Tuesday, June 21, and will speak with the audience, from 3PM, at TIFF Lounge (Unirii Square). The filmmaker, celebrated at this edition in the 3x3 section, will answer questions from viewers and will talk about his career as director, director of image, producer and screenwriter. The discussion with viewers will be moderated by Adi Demian.

Alexandru Solomon is a Member of the European Documentary Network and the President of the One World Romania Documentary Film Festival. He made his mark in the film world in 1993, with the release of the film Privește înainte cu mâine (dir. Nicolae Mărgineanu), where he worked as an image director, and throughout his career, from the same role, he collaborated with important names of the Romanian cinema. The latest production whose image bears his signature is the feature film Man Dog, the debut of director Ștefan Constantinescu, which will be presented this year at TIFF in the ZFR section.

In parallel with his work behind the camera, Solomon wrote and directed numerous documentaries presented and awarded in big festivals. He also worked on most of them as an image director. Its unique, unconventional style tests the boundaries of the genre, combining documentary-specific elements with fiction.

In the retrospective dedicated to the author at TIFF, viewers can watch the French production Clara B (2006), a meditation on the memory of the archives and the history of the 20th century, which takes the form of a biography of a fictional photographer, but also war on the way of waves, a film about Radio free Europe, On the theme of the propaganda of the cold War and the contemporary echoes of this confrontation.