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International movies and many surprises at the festival

International movies and many surprises at the festival

The winner of the 2020 Transilvania Trophy and Public choice award at TIFF 2020, Babyteeth will come to Oradea at the third edition of the festival. The movie debut of Australian director Shannon Murphy, starring Eliza Scanlen, tells the story of seriously ill teenager Milla who falls madly in love with smalltime drug dealer Moses.

Nominated for three Cesar awards, La Belle Epoque, proposes a mix of theatrical artifice and historical reconstruction. Victor, a disillusioned man in his sixties, finds his life turned upside down the day that Antoine, a brilliant entrepreneur, offers him an experience of a new kind. Antoine's firm allows its clients to step back into any period of their choice. Victor chooses to return to the most important week of his life, when, forty years earlier, he met the love of his life...

For the first time in Oradea, Corpus Christi (r. Jan Komasa), Polands nominee for the Academy Awards, shows the life of 20-year-old Daniel, who experiences a spiritual transformation while living in a Youth Detention Center. He wants to become a priest, but this is impossible because of his criminal record.

The Perfect Patient (r. Mikael Håfström), also comes to Oradea, the movie telling the story of the most notorious judiciary scandal in Swedens history. 

For the first time at TIFF Oradea, a large selection of movies from the EducaTIFF section will be sure to amuse and entertain the young audience and not only them, but the kids in each and every one of us.