25 Jul 2021

Film Food: The Recipe for Balance and Dinner at Casa TIFF (Visuin)

Monday, July 26

6.30 PM Screening: The Recipe for Balance (dir. Oscar Bernacer) | Military Circle

8 PM Dinner @VISUIN (Casa TIFF) by Chef Bogdan Vavrita 

Director Oscar Bernacer invites us to the kitchen of Ricard Camarena, who has two Michelin stars and the Spain’s National Gastronomy Prize, and is well-known for his famous recipes based on local Valencian produce. Together with his work and life partner, Camarena started one of the highest rated restaurants in the area, balancing his love for food and his personal life perfectly — until the pandemic hit.

Chef Bogdan Vavrita is known for his spectacular culinary demonstrations. After collaborating with some of the top restaurants in London, Vavrita returned home to contribute to a Romanian cuisine revival.

Presented by LIDL.