01 Jun 2019

Three intense experiences created by Fatih Akin

Three of the most controversial and awarded movies of the famous director, scriptwriter and German producer Fatih Akin are ready to impress and shock you during this edition, in 3X3 section.


Being a rebel of the contemporary cinematography, a well-known representative of the German film and a used to name on the favorites’ lists in the competitions of the biggest film festivals, Fatih Akin had won dozens of important awards during his career.


One of the most awaited movie of the year and the most recent one which he directs, The Golden Glove (2019) was recently presented at Berlinale and we'll have its premiere in Romania during TIFF, 2nd of June, 19.45 at Florin Piersic Cinema and on 9th June, 16.30 at the Students House of Culture.


The sock-thriller was mostly controversial all over the world and it's not recommended to the sensitive ones.

Based upon the bestseller written by Heinz Strunk, the film’s script tells the real story of serial killer Fritz Honka, a character who shocked Germany during early 70's. Although profoundly disturbing, this movie does not come as a thunderbolt for the director's fans, well known for his extreme statements and his courage to introduce in his movies queer references, social realities and disgusting subjects.


Head On (2004), winner of the Golden Bear and FIPRESCI Award at Berlinale, is one of the most known movies of the director. Its story follows the story of an extreme and self-destructive love affair between Sibel, a young Turkish woman, with suicidal tendencies, desperate to get rid of the restrictions imposed by her family settled in Germany and Cahit, another immigrant, which she gets to know in a mental hospice and convince him to marry her. You can see the movie on 2nd of June, starting 15.00 hour, at Victoria Cinema and on 4th of June, 19.30, at Marasti Cinema.

The German-Turkish cineaste also continues to reaffirm his identity in the impressive The Edge of Heaven (2007), laureate at Cannes for the best screenplay and awarded with the Ecumenical Jury Prize.

The movie was Germany's proposal to the 2007's Oscars and head of the film tops made by critics during that year. The complex story focuses upon the strong tie with one's country, illustrating the duality between two different cultures. The movie can be seen Friday, 31 of May, 12.30, at Victoria Cinema and on 7th of June, 20.00, at Cinema City.