30 Jul 2020

TIFF Exhibitions: Fellini, Pandemic Diary Fairy Tales, Art Deco

Lights on! Fellini’s 8 ½

Art Museum, July 31-August 9

New Paul Ronald photographs from the Maraldi collection

Curator: Antonio Maraldi

Fellini’s extraordinary world comes to life once again through the lens of Paul Ronald, who recorded the filming of 8 ½. As the official set photographer, he took thousands of pictures of the master, Fellini himself, of the unparalleled Marcello Mastroianni, of the seductive Claudia Cardinale, are all captured in this behind-the-scenes look at cinema.

The exhibit is part of the Close-Up Federico Fellini section which TIFF dedicates to the Italian auteur and is organized by Centro Cinema Città di Cesena, Regione Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with TIFF, and in partnership with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania and the Honorary Italian Consulate in Cluj-Napoca.


Artists Together

Art Museum, August 1-9

A selection of works from the campaign launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic by the Cluj Cultural Center and the Romanian Health Observatory to mobilize Romanian artists to create works which reflect important themes of the day: togetherness, responsibility, heroes.


Pandemic Diary

Art Museum, August 1-9

Photographs by Erik Messori and Remus Țiplea on the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania and Italy. While places and people differ, the stories of isolation are strikingly similar.


A Journey in Dem’s World

Art Museum, August 1-9

This interactive cultural project invites audiences to discover Romania through the stories of Dem Demestrescu, the illustrator who marked graphic arts between 1930–1970.

Curator: Adrian Buga


B:MAD 3.0 - ArtDeco Bucharest

Casa Tranzit, August 1-9

A visual incursion in Bucharest’s massive yet still largely unknown modernist art deco heritage. The exhibition is the starting point for a broader national Romanian deco platform and for a debate space for architects and creative communities in the country.


FAR | 12 Architectural Photographers from Romania

Multimedia: Casa Tranzit, August 1-9

Photo show: Art Museum, August 1-9

Twelve Romanian photographers provide a generous incursion into the emerging field in the country.


The People. The City. The Festival

Eroilor Boulevard, July 31-August 9

The archive of the Transilvania International Film Festival reveals special moments from the most recent editions: audience members, guests, and festival crew.