03 Jun 2019

8 musical events that you have to attend to at TIFF.18

Yes, it's very true. Starting this edition the TIFF experience will prolong itself for unlimited time. But you still have to know that some events that have been included in this year schedule, can be seen only live, at TIFF House, every night, with free entrance.

Saturday, 1st of June, 20.30 pm


Also called "Jazz Nirvana", the quartet comes to Cluj straight from the alternative music scene of Serbia. Their rhythm breaks all the temporal, geographic and cultural barriers of balkanic jazz, mixing it with classic music, art-rock and traditional music. You cannot contain it only in one category. Destroy all labels and just enjoy their sounds.


Sunday, 2nd of June, 20.30 pm

Via Dacă

Known for their song "Paparuda", the band from Moldavia will bring folklore, the tribal myth and the modern sounds all together, building an unique polyphonic mix. All their songs will go straight to your heart and will touch your soul.


Monday, 3d of June, 20.30 pm

Moon Museum

The band name was inspired by the ceramic wafer sent to the moon with Apollo 12. The cip contains drawings from six famous artists of the 60's, including art from Andy Warhol, and it's considered the first art object ever to be traveling into space. And that is all you have to know before listening to them.


Tuesday, 4th of June, 20.30 pm

Funk You!

One year before, the local musical scene got richer with Funk You! independent project. Now it's your turn to get to know Stephanie Semeniuc, as a vocalist and percussionist and Bogati-Bokor Akos, the guitarist, making a magnificent duo of bizarre sounds and musical instruments. A must see live!


Wednesday, 5th of June, 20.30 pm

DJClick Banda

The most loved French DJ of all times comes to Cluj for an impressive balkanic musical trip. Just imagine The Cure singing along the Haidouks Taraf or Depeche Mode in a relaxing state of mind.


Thursday, 6th of June, 21.30 pm

Auăleu presents Miorița

This piece of art represents an adaptation of a well-known Romanian ballad, mixed with black metal music (Sol Faur, ex-member of Negura Bunget), opera percussionists and actors from Auăleu Theatre from Timișoara. A must see live performance, free entrance, at TIFF House.


Saturday, 8th of June, 20.30 pm

Blue Velvet

Preparing to launch their first EP at the end of 2019, the local band brings an alternative sound to the scene of trip-hop. Until their launching, you can hear them live at TIFF and we know for sure that you will totally fall in love with them.