19 Jun 2022

TIFF Talks about Leave No Traces

Sunday, from 5PM, at TIFF Lounge, the guests of journalist Mihnea Măruță are Laura Ştefan - coordination of anti-corruption activities for Expert Forum, Liviu Tofan - known for his involvement in Radio Free Europe, currently Director of the Romanian Institute of Recent History, together with journalist and environmental activist Liviu Mihaiu.

Their debate will start from the subject of the movie Leave No Traces (dir.Jan P. Matuszyński), screened for the first time in the official competition in Venice, about the tragedy of the disappearance of a high school student, following the aggressions to which he is subjected by police representatives, in communist Poland. The story inspired by real events can be watched on Saturday night, from 9PM, at Florin Piersic Cinema.