27 Jul 2021

Concert “Bucium Sounds” & Holy Father Screening

Tuesday, July 27, 8:30 PM, Arkhai Sculpture Park Vlaha

A memorable concert in the spectacular setting of the Arkhai Sculpture Park, followed by an emotional film about a son in search of his father on Mount Athos.Ceata Melopoică in one of the most important projects of Mircea Florian aka FloriMan, known for his avant-garde mixes of folk, old Romanian music, African and Asian rhythms, electronica, progressive rock, new wave.

Mariana Gligor – “UNESCO Live Human Treasure" - bucium

Nina Onețiu - bucium

Florin Manca „Daath Yug” - bucium

Andrei Dinescu - bucium, violin, electronics

Lucian Stan / DJ Vasile - electronics

Mircea Florian - voice, bucium, jaw harp, electronics

Holy Father

Dir. Andrei Dăscălescu (România, 2020 | 85')

The filmmaker, Andrei, and his girlfriend, Paula, face the news of becoming parents. While the future mother is struggling with no worthy role models in her broken family, the soon-to-be father must come to terms with his own, long-lost father, now a monk on Mount Athos. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2020 Sarajevo Film Festival!