01 Jun 2019

5 reasons to join infiniTIFF Summit

If you count yourself among the people who are in the film industry or you are a video content creator, you follow the trends within business, IT, technology or design, your presence at infiniTIFF Summit has to be your number one priority at TIFF 2019. Scheduled on June 6th, at Platinia Conference Centre, this event could be an unique opportunity to talk about the great potential of the virtual production, and also, a good chance to discover how can you can use it to improve your business.

Here are 5 reasons which for sure will convince you to book your place right away:

  1. The special guests. It could be your only chance to meet all this professionals who make revolutionary things possible in production: Guido van Nispen, editor of Silicon Valley i4j, Jean-Colas Prunier - Pocket Studio Founder and worldwide expert in software development for digital movie productions, Mikael Windelin, independent producer and VFX specialist, Hermione Flynn and David Bennet, Mimic Production founders and 3D industry pioneers, next to Anamaria Vrabie and Ovidiu Cimpean (Cluj), the two forces behind Cluj Future of Work European project, which will help Cluj-Napoca to keep up with the evolution of this industry.
  2. You will find out everything about the newest technologies used in the creative and cultural domain and you'll get to meet the people who can get you closer to them.
  3. Make yourself heard during an open pitching forum, included in the summit’s program. You'll get the chance to pitch a one minute presentation about products, services, special abilities or specific needs that you have.
  4. You'll be among the firsts who will find out what is next to develop with the help of infiniTIFF Manifesto and you'll have the chance to join the initiative long term, together with the professionals that support it.
  5. NETWORKING. You get the chance to meet professionals from related domains, get your chance for networking and affirm yourself as a representative for your domain. In just a few years, this network will be a necessity for the audiovisual production industry.

The tickets for infiniTIFF are available here: