18 Jun 2023

Winners of the 22nd edition of Transilvania International Film Festival

Transilvania Trophy, worth €10,000 - Like A Fish On The Moon, directed by Dornaz Hajiha

Best Directing Award, worth €3,500, offered by Fortech - Charcoal, directed by Carolina Markowicz

Special Jury Award, worth €1,500, offered by Cemacon - Family Time, directed by Tia Kouvo

Best Performance Award, worth €1.000, offered by Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim - Nacho Quesada, for the role in The Barbarians and Sepidar Tari, for the role in Like a Fish on the Moon

 “What’s up, Doc?” Award, worth €2,000, offered by Tenaris Silcotub - Anhell69, directed by Theo Montoya 

Special Mention of “What’s Up, Doc?” Jury100 Seasons, directed by Giovanni Bucchieri

Romanian Film Days – Best Feature Award, worth €1,500, offered by DACIN SARA and analogue laboratory services (16 mm and 35 mm color negative processing, negative preparation, perchloroethylene cleaning, telecine dailies HD Flat, 2 K or 4 K scanning, upload Mediashutle platform) worth €10,000, offered by CINELAB Romania - Between Revolutions, directed by Vlad Petri

Romanian Film Days Award for Best Debut, worth €1,000, offered by Banca Transilvania –Day of the Tiger, directed by ANDREI TĂNASE 

Romanian Film Days Special Mention for Feature Film - Eagles From Țaga, directed by Iulian Manuel Ghervas and Adina Popescu


Romanian Film Days Award for Best Short, worth €5,000 in services such as equipment, electrical camera and grip offered by CutareFilm - Our Summer Break, directed by Lara Ionescu


Special Mentions of the Romanian Film Days Jury for Shorts - Berliner Kindl, directed by Lucia Chicoș and Whole Family, directed by Alexandra Diaconu


Audience Award, worth €2,000, offered by MasterCard - Carbon, directed by Ion Borș


Award for the Most Popular Romanian Film of the Festival (Vodafone Hearts’ Award), worth €2,500, offered by Vodafone –Freedom, directed by Tudor Giurgiu 

The Excellency Award to actor Horațiu Mălăele

FIPRESCI Award, offered by the International Film Critic Federation jury to a film in the Romanian Film Days competition - Between Revolutions, directed by Vlad Petri


Award for Lifetime Achievement - Geoffrey Rush

Award for Lifetime Achievement - Oliver Stone


Transilvania IFF Programmes Awards

Transilvania Pitch Stop

  • Chainsaw Europe Award – post-production services worth €25,000 - Pyrrhic (Romania), directed by Cosmin Nicolae and produced by Velvet Moraru (Icon Production)
  • UPFAR-ARGOA Award - worth €3,000 - Second Line (Ukraine)

regizat și produs de Olga Stuga.

  • The Transilvania Pitch Stop Development Award offered by Avanpost worth €5,000 - The Life We Never Had (Bulgaria), directed by Martin Markov, produced by Victoria Mitreva, Vanya Rainova (Portokal)
  • The Moldova National Film Center Award worth €1,500 - Little Death (Greece), directed by Efthimis Kosemund-Sanidis, produced by Yorgos Tsourgiannis (Horsefly Films), Anamaria Antoci (Tangaj Production)
  • VILLA KULT Development Award worth €500 (for development and research expenses for a project from Romania/Moldova) - The Circle (Republic of Moldova), directed by Valeriu Andriuţă, produced by Iulia Andriuţă (Amprenta Films), Carmen Rizac (Avanpost Media)


The CoCo Award offered by Connecting Cottbus Co-Production Market – five-days residency for a project from Romania/Moldova – Pyrrhic, directed by Cosmin Nicolae, Produced by Velvet Moraru (Icon Production)


Drama Room

  • Best Series Project Award – Development agreement signed with PRO TV - The Kids Are Alright, writer  Serghei Chiviriga


Local Competition

  • Local Competition Award, worth €1,500, offered by Banca Transilvania, and production services worth €15,000 for the director’s next film project, offered by Numa Film -
  • Special Mention of the Jury, consisting of post-production services worth €7,000, offered by Numa Film


Other awards

The Young Francophone Jury Prize, offered by TV5 Monde, French Institute, RFI Romania - Noémie dit oui, directed by Geneviève Albert

Alex. Leo Șerban Scholarship, worth €2,500, offered in partnership with Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim – Revizia de Film: Mihai Păun, Denisa Onisie, Adrian Comănescu, Victor Mihăilescu, Mirel Hagiu.

Alex. Leo Șerban Scholarship Special Mention, worth €500, offered by AFFT -  Rara Avis, screenplay and directing by Octav Chelaru


Alex. Leo Șerban Scholarship Special Mention, worth 1,000, offered in partnership with Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim to a young actor who stood out with notable success in a short or feature film that premiered in 2022 - Sergiu Smerea for his role in Balaur/A Higher Law.