05 Aug 2020

Books about movies launched at TIFF 2020

Cinema lovers who are interested in discovering literature that talks about the evolution of cinematography are invited to attend, at TIFF 2020, two book launches, organized and held at Casa TIFF, with free entry.

Today, the 5th of August, from 5 PM, Eikon oublishing house launches the volume ”Adaptarea cinematografica a operelor literare. Aporii. Prejudecăți. Noi perspective” written by Anda Ionaș. The discussion, moderated by Valentin Ajder, will also be attended by the author of the book and special guests Mircea Muthu, Daniel Iftene and Vianu Mureșan.

Tomorrow, the 6th of August, from 4PM, the TIFF public is invited to discover the book ”Istoria filmului românesc de animaţie 1920-2020” (The history of the romanian animated movies from 1920-2020). The volume is the work of film critic Dana Duma and was published by the publishing house of the Romanian Academy. The launch date comes exactly one century after the first Romanian animated movie, ”Păcală în lună” (Păcală in the moon) was launched.