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Platforma Internațională de Teatru București # 6 – Revoluția mea

HUOOOOO!!! Platforma Internațională de Teatru București # 6 – Revoluția mea

This is a production with no stage design, no costumes, no music, no stage smoke and no extras, but where the audience laughs a lot. A political, social and humanistic tragicomedy.

A riot policeman and a granny talk about the fears, the anxieties, the restlessness of the present, about your neighbors, about your grandfather’s pension and about your children’s future. They talk about freedom, art, love and poetry. They talk about poverty, power, politics and humiliation. They talk about the things for which we should all take to streets.

Auăleu: ”An artist asked to praise his/her own work is like a mother saying her children are the most beautiful in the world. It would be laughable to sing praises for our own show. No, this is not the best production ever seen and this is how we know this not the worst either, which is even much more important.

Imagine a production with no beginning and no end, where one should not applaud, a show without a set duration – it can last half an hour, an hour and a half or even two. Sometimes, some people feel they are attacked by this show, which is really wonderful!”


A production of Auăleu theatre/ Text by Ovidiu Mihăiță/ action by Ionuț Marian Pîrvulescu, Christine Cizmaș/Staging by Ovidiu Mihăiță.

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