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Opening the way to the new age of HR & People Management

Are you an HR specialist? An entrepreneur? A team leader? Then you can’t miss LEAP, a daring one day festival dedicated to HR experts and People Managers, taking place February 27th at Face Convention Center Bucharest. 

At LEAP you are invited to:

LEARN valuable insights in people management from 7 renowned speakers

EXPLORE 5 innovative showcases from trusted business partners

APPLY creative team leading techniques from top minds and thinkers

PLAY along your leadership journey with 1.000 like-minded professionals

LEAP is a bold new statement in the world of professional events. Created by eJobs, the number one job platform in Romania, and Târgul de Cariere, the biggest career event network in the country, it aims to answer many unresolved issues in People Management and offer applicable solutions.   

Who are LEAP’s guest speakers?

Lucy Adams, Founder and CEO of Disruptive HR, is the event’s keynote speaker. For more than 15 years Lucy has been helping lead several companies through turbulent times, most recently as the BBC’s former HR Director. Now she assists organisations and leaders seek daring new ways to do business, redesigning HR’s functionality and roles. At LEAP, Lucy Adams will guide you through a new approach in HR Leadership, including creating employee experience, humanising HR processes and reenvisioning the HRBP capabilities of the future. 

Fredrik Härén, author and expert on creativity, is a world-renowned speaker, motivated by the motto “Humanity to the Power of Ideas”. Fredrik questions the normative inclinations of what creativity actually means, particularly in the workplace, and how rules can either help shape it or destroy it completely. At LEAP, Fredrik will talk about “The World of Creativity” and how we can correctly harness it in a business environment. 

Federica Leotta, Country Manager at Universum Italy, comes to LEAP with two roles. First, as a leading expert in employer branding, Federica will help you discover what your company’s talent attraction superpower is and how to become an inspiring leader. Secondly, Federica will award “Romania’s Most Attractive Employers” directly at LEAP. The awards, based on a complex study conducted by eJobs and Universum, the world’s leading expert in employer branding, will be given for the first time in Romania. 

Guy Winch, licensed psychologist and author, is bringing valuable lessons in empathy to LEAP, a skill that all managers must develop in order to better understand their team’s needs and desires. As a leading advocate for integrating the science of emotional health into our daily lives, workplaces and education system, Guy’s approach is much-needed in today’s harsh business landscape. 

Brigette Hyacinth, leadership expert and author, brings into focus an essential question in People Management: where does humanity fit in Human Resources during the rise of automation and artificial intelligence? Do we change our entire approach in the wake of robots at the workplace or do we continue to invest in our people? Discover the answer directly at LEAP!

What other novelties is LEAP bringing to the table?   

The world of Human Resources in Romania is getting a much-needed facelift not only through its international and diverse panel of speakers, but also through several other concepts. At LEAP you will:

Witness ingenious showcases and solutions in people management from trusted partners in Finance & Wellbeing

Network with 1.000 other professionals from all domains and industries

Get the chance to have a 1-on-1 chat with all our speakers while sipping a great cocktail

LEAP will take place on February 27th at Face Convention Center Bucharest. Don’t miss 2020’s top HR festival! Ready to take the LEAP with us?   

LEAP Opening the way to the new age of HR & People Management

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