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Hei, tu, vecine! / Hey, you, neighbour!

One World Romania, ediția a 14-a

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Curtea UNATC, Bucuresti Sunday, 20 June 2021 / 17:30 0 lei (Acces pe bază de bilet cu valoare 0)
Hei, tu, vecine! / Hey, you, neighbour! One World Romania, ediția a 14-a

Who are we?

Hi, hello, greetings!

We are the Educational Centre of the PerformativeArts CEVA, CEVA from community, education, what lies ahead and art. WE are some teenagers from Târgu Neamț and its surroundings. There’s also Colea, our colleague from the Moldavian Republic. Our town resides at the foot of the Neamt’s Citadel,with Ozana here, really close. Târgu Neamț is a town full of stories that we want to tell.

WE talk about our community and about what interests us, topics which appear in all teenage conversations. WE want to make a change with our something, discover as much as we can, feel good with ourselves and those around us.

About our performance


 “You know that if it was meant to be,

It wouldn’t have been a song”

Isn’t it so? If it were to have been, it wouldn’t have been as it is now. To be more precise, we are referring, firstly, to all that happens around us and today’s problems: people who judge excessively, bullying, racism, the loss of humanity, the chase after money, after the perfect job, gossip at every corner, and so on. So, if all of these hadn’t been and we would have lived in a perfect pink background world, we wouldn’t have asked ourselves millions of questions and we wouldn’t have had this wish to change something. We believe that, in the end, society’s imperfection brought something good among us as well. Sometimes our curiosity cracks. It’s exhausting to keep wondering where you’ll be, what you will be and how… Along our long discussions filled with endless sentences about the past,present and future, we planned out a... Futuristic performance, in which we voice our concerns, but not by crying and whimpering, but more so enjoying ourselves. It’s something with #hip hip hooray. And be warned! this isn't only about teenagers, it’s about all those who have questions.

we will ask ourselves once more,  

Alexandra, Bianca, Colea, Mara, Miru, Mișa, Raluca, Tatiana

with a bit of help from: Jo Brăilescu, Ovidiu Cosovanu, Daniel Chirilă

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