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NEVERENDING - International ImpROv Festival

Abonament Ziua 2

NEVERENDING - International ImpROv Festival Abonament Ziua 2

The Dreamers - Romantic Comedy

We aim for the same warm and fuzzy feelings as a Romantic Comedy movie. We chose this style beacause love is the best story. We create it by taking it slow and allowing the scenes to grow organically. We take a song tittle from the audience and use it as a root for our starting scenes. Since it’s a freeform format, we find a common thread and meld the scenes into a coherent story, with no loose ends. We contrast stereotypes with surprising characters and unexpected endings.

Distributie Adriana Bordeanu, Alexandra Ionita, Madalina Fratila, Andru Sandu-Capra, Andrei Bratu

Moscow Improv Club - ASSSSCAT

So what exactly is ASSSSCAT? Inspired by a suggestion from the audience, one of the improvisers will share some related off-the-cuff thoughts, feelings and personal remembrances. This monologue is followed by series of high octane, balls-to-the-wall improvised sketches.

Distributie: Dina Mild, Josh Wilson, Egor Medvedev, Anna Melikyan, Yuriy SavateevBreak

Mixed Cast #2- Be Water, My Friend! #2

This show is what happens when you put many improvisers from all over the world together and have them play a show. The only thing we know is that the show will "Be Water, My Friend!".

Théâtre de l'Oignon Co - Random

Random is an improv show in the style of Pure Improv. Random is a messy playground for these grown-up children that actors are and an open window on their imaginative power. Random is a freeform Improv Show. From no suggestion, actors and musicians bring you on board into different universes, discovered in front of you, from spontaneously created scenographies. As momentum funambulists, our improvisers walk on the edge of chaos, let their bodies be inspired by the atmosphere of the room, the music, the lights, props and settings randomly placed on stage.

Distributie: Marie Pierre Thomas, Flavien Reppert, Timothée Ansieau

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