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Kill Your Boyfriend [it], Quantum Drive [ro]


Kill Your Boyfriend [it], Quantum Drive [ro] Concert

Kill Your Boyfriend - Illimitate Post Punk | Dark Wave | Black Shoegaze | Irritating Noise

Quantum Drive - Indie | Shoegaze | Noise | 60's revival

Prețul unui bilet este în valoare de 15 lei, primele 100. După epuizarea acestora, prețul unui bilet va fi 20 de lei.
Biletele vor fi puse în vânzare online în data de 20 Noiembrie în rețeaua Eventbook.ro, dar și în format fizic la Librăria Humanitas Cluj și Cinema Florin Piersic.

Kill Your Boyfriend is violence turned into noise. 
Kill Your Boyfriend is a psychedelic trip about past, present and future.
Kill Your Boyfriend is a black fake religion.

Kill Your Boyfriend is a two-piece band formed in 2011, Matteo Scarpa on guitar and vocals, and Antonio Angeli on drums. 
After having hot performed more than 80 gigs in top clubs and festivals, both in Italy and abroad, with The KVB, Zù, Zola Jesus, Civil Civic and others, the band published their last release "Ghosts", the natural progression from their previous opus "The King Is Dead". 
"Ghosts" is a record obsessed with regrets and empty spaces.

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