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GH NYE 2023

GH NYE 2023

GH NYE 2023

The last dance. The first dance. 

3 floors. 30+ hours of music.

The New Year starts nothing but spectacular. 

Since Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre rarely perform as RPR Soundsystem in Romania, this showcase is a very special date. We aim to feel inspired by their obsessive knowledge of sound, regal presence in the booth and impeccable mixing. 

Cezar, Praslea, Dan Andrei, Gene on Earth, Eris & Cap also bring the room to life. Each of them plays a vital role in piloting the sound for 30+ hours of music, friends and drinks to celebrate. 

A New Year is dawning and we want to share with you the last moments of 2022 while enjoying the first dance moves of 2023. 









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