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Alkohol Jazzz Orchestra


Alkohol Jazzz Orchestra Concert

We are - "Alkohol Jazzz Orchestra"

Our superstyle (as we call it) – is a patriotic Balkan twist-and-shout. We are offering our fans the only one stock - the uniquie folk-punk-dance-rock. We are very impudent and very sweet! Bratushki on stage!

A unique ensemble

We are from the Burgas-city (Bulgaria). We are together from 2014. Our group is a real phenomenon not only for Bulgaria, but for the whole Balkans as well. For the first time in the history of the Bulgarian rock-music Bulgarians and Russians are making rock-project together. Therefore (after liters and liters of the bulgarian and russian vodka), we are producing the hot mix in the different musical styles. But always with a gypsy and Balkan aftersound - as the main ingredient.

Our music represents humor and good mood

We play loud, cheeky and, of course, (how could we stop this?) a bit crooked sounds. But, surprisingly to us, people like it. So, welcome to our company!

After all… P.S.

Long live the Punk-Dance-Rock - from Moscow to the Rhodopes!

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