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TIFF.19 - Supernova

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USAMV, Cluj-Napoca Sunday, 09 August 2020 / 23:45 35 lei (Bilet de intrare combo - valabil pentru 2 persoane, la aceeași proiecție) This event is not available in your region
20 lei (Bilet de intrare single - valabil pentru o persoană) This event is not available in your region

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Category: Supernova

Section: Supernova
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Cast: Ivan Trojan, Juraj Loj, Josef Trojan, Jaroslava Pokorná
Duration: 1h 57
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2020

Born at the turn of the 20th century, herbalist Jan Mikolasek wins fame and fortune using unorthodox treatment methods to cure a wide range of diseases. Already a local institution in Czechoslovakia before World War II, the healer gains in reputation and wealth during the Nazi occupation and the Communist rule. Every regime will want to use his skills and in return gives him protection. But how high shall be the costs to maintain this status as the tide turns?

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