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The Comeback

TIFF.19 - Fără limită

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Muzeul de Artă, Cluj-Napoca Today, 07 August 2020 / 23:45 35 lei (Bilet de intrare combo - valabil pentru 2 persoane, la aceeași proiecție) This event is not available in your region
20 lei (Bilet de intrare single - valabil pentru o persoană) This event is not available in your region

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The Comeback TIFF.19

Category: Fără limită

Section: Fără limită
Director: Patrik Eklund
Cast: Anki Larsson, Olle Sarri, Jimmy Lindström, Bengt C.W. Carlsson, Albin Grenholm, Pia Halvorsen, Fatima Edel, Anna Littorin
Duration: 1h 40
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019

When the young and promising badminton player Annbritt loses the Swedish championship finals in 1983, her life collapses. Although convinced that the loss was based on an incorrect judicial decision, she can’t get over the defeat - not even today, almost forty years later. Annbritt is now an alcoholic and unemployed. She spends most of her days socializing with her eccentric son Mattias, who is awaiting her comeback. But will this ever happen?

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