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TIFF.18 - Focus China

Baby TIFF.18

Category: Focus China
Director: Liu Jie
Cast: Yang Mi, Guo Jingfei, Hongchi Lee
Duration: 96 min.
Country: China
Year: 2018

19 years ago in Nanjing, Jiang Meng was born with a birth defect and her parents abandoned her. With the help from her foster mother and Director Wang, Jiang works in a hospital as cleaner. One day, Jiang encounters a man arriving the hospital with a new born baby. She learns that the baby is a girl with the same birth defect, and the father decides to give up curing his daughter. Jiang wants to persuade the baby’s parents not to abandon their baby, but she comes to nothing. She reports to the police accusing the cruel parents, only finds the police cannot manage this case. In despair, Jiang takes a decision that will put her future in jeopardy...

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