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An Unforgettable Summer

TIFF.18 - Proiecţii speciale

An Unforgettable Summer TIFF.18

Category: Proiecţii speciale
Director: Lucian Pintilie
Cast: Marcel Iures, Claudiu Bleont, Kristin Scott Thomas, Razvan Vasilescu, Olga Tudorache, George Constantin
Duration: 82 min.
Country: Romania
Year: 1994

Romania in the 20s. Captain Dumitriu and his family are transfered to an isolated garrison in the Dobroudja region. To avenge the massacre of Roumanian frontier guards by Macedonian bandits, the captain is ordered to shoot innocent Bulgarian villagers. He refuses to comply, but with what consequences? Special screening in honor of actor Marcel Iureş, the recipient of the Excellence Award at TIFF 2019!