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Moromeții 2: On The Edge Of Time

TIFF.18 - Zilele Filmului Romanesc - Lungmetraje

Moromeții 2: On The Edge Of Time TIFF.18

Category: Zilele Filmului Romanesc - Lungmetraje
Director: Stere Gulea
Cast: Iosif Pastina, Horatiu Malaele, Dana Dogaru, Andi Vasluianu
Duration: 109 min.
Country: Romania
Year: 2018

Thursday, June 6th - the screening will be preceded by the short film The Romanian Tradition (director: Pavel Bartos, 25 min)

Friday, June 7th - Special screening for visually impaired people

In Ilie Moromete's world the most important thing was to own land and work it. But this world had been shattered by a war and the order of life is forever changed as soon as the new political regime starts preaching equality. Ilie and his youngest son, Niculae, will welcome very differently this change...

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