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The Realm

TIFF.18 - Piaţa Unirii Open Air

The Realm TIFF.18

Category: Piaţa Unirii Open Air
Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
Cast: Antonio de la Torre, Bárbara Lennie, Monica Lopez, Jose Maria Pou
Duration: 131 min.
Country: Spain
Year: 2018

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Manuel Gómez Vidal is a beloved politician in his region: he enjoys a good social position, has a loving family, friends everywhere and plenty of natural charisma. He is also a corrupt man who has been enriching himself with public funds for years. After attempting to cover up for an associate, Manuel is left exposed. To his surprise, the Party’s members seek to place the blame for the entire plot on his shoulders. But he will not surrender. How far is a person willing to go in order to hold on to power?

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