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A Horrible Woman


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Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca Saturday, 26 May 2018 / 14:30 12.00 LEI Am TIFF Card / Gold Card / Voucher / Badge

Dacia - Mănăștur Cinema, Cluj-Napoca Monday, 28 May 2018 / 20:30 10.00 LEI Am TIFF Card / Gold Card / Voucher / Badge

A Horrible Woman TIFF.17

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Category: A fi sau a nu fi politic corect?
Director: Christian Tafdrup
Cast: Anders Juul, Amanda Collin, Rasmus Hammerich
Duration: 86 min.
Country: Denmark
Year: 2017

When Rasmus meets Marie, he is certain that she is the love of his life. However, it doesn't take long before it turns out she is a possessive and manipulative being, that cunningly dissects Rasmus to pieces. But can he escape this crippling relationship?

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