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National Competition II + Q & A

Festivalul Internațional de Film NexT, Ediția a 12-a

National Competition II + Q & A Festivalul Internațional de Film NexT, Ediția a 12-a

THE BED OF PROCRUSTES/ PATUL LUI PROCUST (Romania, 2018, 17’13’’) Director: Andrian Împărățel

Dan, tired of all the problems he has to deal with at home, decides to spend the night at Ștefan, an old acquaintance. Their uncanny interaction peaks when Ștefan’s hospitality turns into persuasion.


THE BEST CUSTOMER/ CEL MAI BUN CLIENT (Romania, 2017, 12’13’’) Director: Serghei Chiviriga

When a suspicious customer enters your funeral home, then it’s time to investigate. The Kruchowsky family owns a funeral home. One day, an old man orders twelve funerary wreaths with sympathy messages for many relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Kruchowsky become suspicious and start to investigate this potential cold-blooded assassin.


IVY/ IEDERA (Romania, 2018, 27’40’’) Director: Sara Tsorrakidis

Your friends aren’t so funny anymore, when you’re the one they’re laughing at. At a dinner party with her friends, Zoe introduces Duncan, her new foreign boyfriend. Everybody seems to get along, but Zoe has a secret that is weighing her down. Her mood transforms the evening in the perfect opportunity for scandal and all the characters get the chance to express how they really feel.


CEVA (Romania, 2018, 8’46’’) Director: Paul Mureșan

Everything avoidable during one’s lifetime might later become the building blocks of the afterlife. Here, fears have to be faced and journeys to be taken alongside one’s shadow.


IONUȚ AND CĂLIN/ IONUȚ ȘI CĂLIN (Romania, 2018, 17’35’’) Director: Sorin Poamă

Feelings are changing fast. Love becomes hate, only to become love again. Two men, coming from different worlds, one relationship which takes them beyond their own limits.

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