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CINE-CONCERT Fantastic Planet | Bucharest Jazz Orchestra


Animest #14

CINE-CONCERT Fantastic Planet | Bucharest Jazz Orchestra Animest #14


Director: René Laloux
Duration: 1h 12
Country: FR
Year: 1973

The faraway planet Ygam is ruled by giant, blue androids calles Draags. They raise diminutive human beings which they call Oms. One day, the Om of young Tiwa proves to be extremely intelligent, causing a revolution.

A classical sci-fi animation accompanied by live music composed and interpreted by Bucharest Jazz Orchestra. 


The only Romanian independent big band with permanent activity. The group was founded in February 2012 by trumpet player Sebastian Burneci and now it enjoys a rich activity in the Romanian jazz milieu, playing with many big names of the genre. The band consists of Sebastian Burneci (trumpet), Cătălin Milea (saxophone), George Natsis (piano), Adrian Flautistu (bass) and Adrian Tetrade (drums).

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